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RFG Report: Corrosion Resistance on Metal Sheet Pile


"Causes, Prevention, & Designing for Corrosion Resistance on Sheet Pile Structures"



For immediate release - September 3, 2014

A new report, compiled for Roll Form Group by Ryne Allen, B.S.CE, P. E., provides detailed information about corrosion resistance on sheet pile structures. The report looks at:

•  Reasons why rust forms and what accelerates the deterioration process on sheet piling;

•  What options and processes are available on the market to help extend the life of steel;

•  Design options to make your prevention process go even further.

"This is an in-depth study which we hope our customers will find helpful in their decision making," states Hal Mulveney, General Manager of Heavy Construction at RFG. "We want to assist our customers as much as possible to insure that they are making informed purchasing decisions."

This report has been formatted into SlideShare for easy viewing and sharing.

For more information about RFG sheet piling products, please visit:

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Causes, Prevention, & Designing for Corrosion Resistance on Sheet Pile Structures from morethanmetal   



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